Distributed API Gateway

Altair is an open source API gateway written in Go. Designed to be distributed, lightweight, simple, fast, reliable, cross platform, programming language agnostic and robust - by default

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Open-source Apache-2.0 Licensed. GitHub v0.1.0


Designed for use on the go, it can be monolithic but the real strength of the Altair is that it can be distributed and connected with any interface you need.


Uses the best libraries and packages created by the Go community.

Programming Language Agnostic

You don't need programming language skills to master, you know yaml? You're good to go.

Simple & Fast

All plugins are ready to use, oauth, caching, reverse proxy, you name it. Contribute for more.

Cross Platform

Supports popular platforms like linux, windows and mac.


Unit test coverage >= 98%, designed to be battle tested in production.